Frequently Asked Questions

Why hire an educational consultant?

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College is a costly investment, and families are looking for colleges that will fit within their budget. Educational consultants can advise families on colleges that are a better value as well as which schools offer merit and/or financial aid. We help students discover colleges that are an educational and financial fit for the family.

Many students have not yet formulated a career path or major. Educational consultants offer career testing and guidance to help students discover a major that is right for them.

There are over 3,500 colleges in the United States. Where do you start? Every student is different, and educational consultants can help you pinpoint the colleges that meet the needs of your student.

The competition to get into college, especially in California, has increased over the years. The average admitted student GPA is over a 4.0 at six of the nine UC schools. The admit rate for some Cal State Colleges such as Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, San Diego State, and Long Beach State is less than 30%. Many of the Cal State Colleges are also dealing with impacted majors, and some students are taking five to six years to graduate. Educational consultants can help advise students on application strategies to improve these odds and suggest alternatives that may be a better fit for students.

Educational Consultants alleviate the stress of college planning. As an objective third party, they bridge the gap between students and parents to find common ground. Parents can be confident that application requirements and deadlines are being completed. Instead of worrying and stressing over college, parents and student can enjoy their senior year.

Isn’t that what a high school counselor does?

Yes, but the student to counselor ratio in California ranks five times below the national average. According to the American School Counselor Association, there is one counselor for every 1,016 students in California. High School counselors are excellent but don’t have the time to provide the individualized attention that many students and families are seeking. We limit the number of students we work with to ensure success.

What training or credentials do you have?

You can learn about our specific qualifications by reading our bios, but we are independent educational consultants and uphold the ethical and professional standards set forth by national counseling organizations for counselors and independent educational consultants. We are members of NACAC, HECA, IEC, and WACAC, and our membership within these organizations allows us to stay current on admission trends to meet the needs of our students and their families. We attend conferences focused on professional development and college admissions. We regularly visit colleges throughout the United States and abroad to learn about academic opportunities and campus environment. Come see our wall of college pennants!

When should you start working with an educational consultant?

Earlier is best, but there is no wrong time to start. Some students choose to wait until the beginning of their senior year, but the earlier students begin the college planning process, the more time they have to research majors and colleges, and the more likely they will feel confident in their choices. We like to meet with freshman students to review courses, extracurricular activities, and goals, but recommend starting the college planning process during sophomore or junior year. This allows enough time to alleviate the stress of college application deadlines.

Can you help students with their personal statement?

Yes, essays are probably the most challenging component of the application process for most students. We host essay workshops to teach students what colleges are looking for and help them discover their unique story. Our goal is to assist students in creating a compelling essay that admission officers want to read and therefore, increases their odds of admission. Students also have access to a personalized essay coach who helps them take their essays from rough draft to final format.

Do you work with student athletes?

Yes, Michelle works with student-athletes who have the desire to play a collegiate sport. Her daughter was a recruited Division I athlete, so she is familiar with the athletic recruiting process. She ensures that students are registered with NCAA, meeting all requirements, and provides students with the tools to get noticed by coaches.

Do you work with visual or performing art students that need to submit a portfolio?

Yes, we advise students on the aspects and expectations of a portfolio or audition. We work with students to ensure they are meeting the deadlines (which often differ from traditional application deadlines) and requirements of each college. We suggest that students who plan to major in this area start as early as possible in the college planning process, as application deadlines are usually due in the fall of their senior year.

How often and where do you meet with students?

How often depends on when a student starts the college planning process. Our services are individualized, so we schedule appointments as often as necessary to ensure that students are completing the necessary requirements. During the application season, we typically meet with seniors biweekly. We also supplement meetings with essay and application workshops, emails, phone calls, and texts. We meet with students at our Thousand Oaks office or schedule remote appointments.

Do you work with students out of the Southern California area?

Absolutely! Technology is great and allows us to meet with students from all over the country. We schedule remote meetings as well as communicate via phone, email and Google Docs.

Do you meet with parents as well?

Yes, college planning is a family decision, and we encourage parents to reach out to us with questions and concerns. We can either meet in person or speak via phone, email, or text.

Do you help students with scholarships?

Yes, students receive a monthly scholarship newsletter. This scholarship list is thoughtfully procured and highlights local and national scholarships, specific qualifications, and where to apply. We also ensure that seniors complete all college-specific scholarship applications because the most substantial awards come from the colleges themselves. Many schools have early deadlines and require additional applications in order to be considered for scholarships. Each year, Admit You to College students receive approximately $2 million in scholarships.

Do you offer financial planning services?

No, we are not certified financial planners, but we do offer a parent workshop on the financial aid process and work with families to ensure that all required forms are submitted. If you are looking for further assistance we can provide you with a referral.

Do you offer SAT or ACT Prep?

While we do not provide SAT or ACT prep, we will recommend a list of various test prep services and options.

Have you ever had a student not get any college acceptances?

No! While no educational consultant can guarantee acceptance into a college, we work with students to create a balanced list of reach, target, and likely schools to ensure that students have options.

Do you offer packages? Hourly rates?

Yes, we offer both packages and hourly rates to accommodate the needs of each family. We offer a free consultation to explain our services and to determine what services are needed. Contact us to schedule your free consultation.

Are you available for presentations at schools or other events?

Yes, contact us, and we can discuss further.